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No-Shows for Joe: Democrats Who Fear a Biden Victory

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The growing evidence may be anecdotal, but it is unmistakable. Based on extensive voter feedback, there are increasing numbers of life-long liberal Democrats who have had enough of their party’s frighteningly illiberal Left turn. They’ve decided they will not, at this precarious time, risk empowering today’s radical new Democratic allies with control of the nation’s future. It pains them, but they cannot pull the lever for Joe Biden. Not in good conscience. Not this year. Not for these Democrats.

These are old-style liberals of integrity who still believe in the goodness—even greatness—of America. They are probably your friends and neighbors—maybe even your parents. They are moderate, decent and patriotic.

They are Democrats to the bone, and would never dream of voting Republican, let alone for Donald Trump. This will be hard for them, and they are not so eager to share their plans, neither with friends nor pollsters. They see the Democratic leadership ready to jettison even core liberal principles for near-term tactical electoral advantage. They know that it was a mistake for the leadership to align with and enable those far-Left forces rapidly transforming both the party and country. They are who they have always been; these voters haven’t left the Democratic Party so much as the Party has left them. They justifiably feel betrayed, abandoned and politically homeless.

Many are older. In a more civil era, they absorbed and still cherish American cultural values of liberty, meritocracy, hard work, decency, tolerance, respect of differences—and, especially, free speech. Many are children of immigrants, if not immigrants themselves, raised in homes with the unique appreciation for America that comes from having lived elsewhere under tyranny. Particularly the Jews in this demographic tend to have a uniquely heartfelt love for America for the refuge and freedom it provides, and for recognizing them as fully equal, first-class citizens to a degree unmatched in Jewish diaspora history.

These are people who honor the flag; they would never “take a knee” for the national anthem. They believe in judging people not by the color of their skin—or their class or gender—but by the content of their character. They find incomprehensible the switch from free speech reverence to a “cancel-culture” which ruins the lives of people just for stating “wrong” opinions which were perfectly acceptable until five minutes ago. And they find equally incomprehensible how their........

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