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Can you hear the thunder? Senator's bluster on Adani

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My question didn't get through on Q&A, so I'll ask it here. I refer to the appearance of the Queensland LNP senator James McGrath and how truly shocked he was that donations from the Adani coal-mining mob might affect LNP policies.

"I want to address that," the good Senator thundered. "I'm outraged, I'm actually outraged about that. It is actually offensive for any politician on this panel or anywhere to say that the Liberal National Party or people who support the Liberal National Party are taking policy positions based on donations. That is actually offensive and it is wrong."

So here's the question, Senator. What's in it for Adani to make the donation, then? If it won't affect LNP policy one way or another, why would a corporation give any money at all? I am genuinely interested in your answer. The same goes for corporations giving money to the ALP, the Greens and all the rest. Last week, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia made a donation of $15,000 to One Nation, of all parties! Why, do you think? Because they support One Nation policies, or because they hope for One Nation support on legislation concerning matters important to the Pharmacy Guild? But you think Adani is different, and you are outraged at the suggestion? Please.

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