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PM shows ignorance and arrogance in face of disaster

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So you chose not to attend the UN Climate Summit, Scott Morrison, even though you were in the US (‘‘While world leaders discussed climate, the PM ‘went’ to Maccas’’, September 25). How dare you? - Jennifer Briggs, Kilaben Bay

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Spoken like a true man of carbon (‘‘Morrison warns against ‘needless anxiety’ after Thunberg climate speech’’, smh.com.au, September 25). - David Grant, Ballina

Morrison’s message to the youth of Australia who demonstrated in their thousands last week for more effective climate change action – don’t worry your little heads ‘‘she’ll be right mate’’.
- Carolyn Pettigrew, Turramurra

If the Prime Minister is truly concerned that our children should not worry about their future, he simply needs to develop a clean energy policy that reflects this. - Anne Fraser, Birchgrove

By preferring to attend the opening of a packaging factory instead of the UN climate summit, not only does our Prime Minister display a lack of leadership, he reveals an appalling arrogance as well as ignorance of the disaster that is confronting our planet. If he professes to be a practising Christian, does he not have a duty of care to our Earth, the creation of God? - Patricia Dowling, North Curl Curl

Dear Rest of the World, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my apologies that my country’s leader thought it more important to spend time with Donald Trump to do some intense and predictable kowtowing, rather than join the special UN climate change summit to discuss the future of our shared home.
I do understand why Morrison didn’t attend, as he has nothing to present, either in terms of improved emission reductions or some practical propositions e.g. working to make Australia carbon neutral with the sun, wind and space that we are lucky enough to have.
There are millions of Australians who feel ashamed and are committed to working on the next step to right this situation. - Rhia Douglas, Marrickville

After hearing Morrison’s speech in America I shook my head in shame. - Catherine Rosa, Paddington

Why should Morrison be giving children false hope for their future in a climate disrupted world based, presumably, on the implicit assumption that the overwhelming body of scientific evidence is wrong? - Garry White, Lindfield

It is about priorities. Morrison’s ‘‘daggy dad’’ anti-politician schtick is boosted in critical ‘‘quiet Australian’’ electorates, no doubt. Pointedly missing a meeting at the UN rather than token attendance works to keep the feral right wing on side inside and outside his party. So, although cringeworthy and reprehensible to me, likely beneficial for him, which is what it is all about. -
Nick Wilson, Palm Beach

‘‘And I think it’s important we give them that confidence, that they will have a wonderful country and pristine environment to live in, but they’ll also have an economy they can live in as well.’’ The Prime Minister wants us all to lie to our children. How bad is that? - Michael Hinchey, New Lambton

Again a child calls out a king with no clothes (‘‘‘How dare you’, Thunberg thunders’’, September 25). - Dev Webber, St........

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