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Coalition's duplicity clear as Morrison's boat comes in

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The PM was asked to publicly state the medevac bill does not apply to new arrivals. He refused (‘‘Refugee blame game erupts’’, February 14). Coupled with his provocative re-opening of Christmas Island, the only conclusion you could draw is that Scott Morrison is encouraging people smugglers. His duplicity lays bare the Coalition’s fake compassion towards refugee deaths at sea. - Phil Bradshaw, Naremburn

The only person now wishing for more boats is our current PM. - David Hart, Junction Hill

Reopening Christmas Island: practically an invitation. - Diana Willats, Bowral

I hear Morrison wants to build a wall and make Indonesia pay for it. - Don Leayr, Albury

‘‘Refugee’’ has become a dirty word in the Coalition’s lexicon. For the electorate’s benefit, the government should provide figures on illegal migrants who have over-stayed visas and committed crimes. - Ray Alexander, Moss Vale

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Labor’s softening of border protection laws are a salient example of the fundamental issue for Bill Shorten – will he govern on behalf of Labor’s left faction or will he govern on behalf of all of us. So far he has shown that he will cave in to the factions. - Robert Jacobucci, Canley Vale

Should a softer border policy result in hundreds of dead, those who voted for it need to hang their heads in shame. - Roger Cedergreen, South Hurstville

The hospital boats will soon begin to arrive, all passengers sick – wink, wink, nudge nudge. I had my suspicions about our politicians being the real enemies of Australia. After their vote, I am now convinced - Richard Merrell, Penrith
No, the benchmark for duplicitous campaigns was not set by the ALP, but by the Abbott-led opposition’s campaign on the carbon tax – the most extensive set of lies and half truths Australia has seen (‘‘Facts count but will not stop scare campaign’’, February 14).
But not the worst. That was the Howard government’s attacks on asylum seekers, with their lies about queues, countries of first refuge and children overboard. - Martin Bibby, Beecroft

Although I doubt the integrity of the Coalition’s claims, we already allow convicted violent people, Australian citizens, to access medical assistance in public hospitals from within the prison system without issue. - Mark Berg, Caringbah South

It is possible that refugee boats have never stopped trying to come to Australia, but because ‘‘on-water’’ matters are withheld from the public we will never know. - Lorna Denham, Cardiff Heights

Morrison reminds me of Chicken Little, running around the barnyard screaming : ‘‘the sky is falling in!’’ - Maureen King, Lane Cove

I haven’t noticed an au pair influx after allowing the rules to be broken. - Zuzu Burford, Heathcote

The LNP are replacing three-word slogans with three-letter ones: boo! - John Bailey, Canterbury

This word of the year theme in the letters is "just, like, so surreal" (Letters, February 14). - Geoff Eagar,........

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