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Desperate LNP scare campaign a new low

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David Crowe is correct to point out the electoral danger to Labor over its policies on dividend imputation and illegal boat arrivals ("Like Mediscare, boatscare will work, but enough to sink Labor?", February 15).

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History shows the electorate is very sensitive on matters of border protection and back-pocket economics.

John Howard snatched victory from the jaws of defeat over the Tampa situation.

Likewise Paul Keating won the "unlosable election " with similar tactics over John Hewson's Fightback economic policies.

This is a desperate government who has shown it will go to any lengths to stay in power so we can look forward to a massive scare campaign over the coming weeks and it won't be pretty. - Max Redmayne, Russell Lea

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If a boat with asylum seekers appears on the horizon, it won't be because of the recent legislation, but rather the hysterical rhetoric of the federal government.

The PM and his cohorts have been trumpeting through the media the idea that legislation restricting the ability of asylum seekers to reach Australia has been weakened. And this message is being broadcast internationally. The government has shown no real concern for the good of the nation. - Gary Mulley, Collaroy Plateau

What has appalled me the most about the whole political debate over the boats is the Liberal Party's demonisation of refugees.

Whatever the merits of various policies on how to turn back boats, we must remember that the vast majority of these people are decent humans seeking a better life for themselves and their families, fleeing from countries ravaged by war and having lost their homes and their livelihoods. - Phil Peak, Dubbo

It's feared changes to border policy will lead to more drownings. Yet it is acceptable for refugees to be left to rot in offshore detention centres as a deterrent to others. This is hard to reconcile.

Perhaps, for some, concern for drowning refugees is more convenient than compassionate. - James Buckman, Enmore

Your correspondent suggests heads should hang in shame over feared deaths after the bill (Letters, February 15).

Whose heads are to hang in shame over the deaths in our detention centres? Or over any possible deaths of those whose claims for asylum were denied and who did not survive their returns "home"? We all share that shame. - Gerard English, Waverton

If you have wondered how low Australian politics can get, methinks the next few months will show us the lowest of the low. - Ray Moore, Castle Hill

Message to the PM: Scouring the beaches. No boats yet. Keeping my eyes peeled. I am alert, but you are alarming. - John Rome, Mount Lawley

It would be a much better idea if, instead of having bright ideas in a vacuum, Prime Minister Scott Morrison actually established a serious, permanent consultation process with Indigenous Australians ("Reaction to closing the gap statement mixed", February 15).

If he's to gain any real credibility with the Indigenous community, recognising the Uluru Statement from the Heart would be a good starting point. Otherwise he's just dealing in patronising tokenism. - Bruce Hulbert, Lilyfield

The LNP and ALP see the Indigenous people as a problem to be solved, and definitely not a resource for learning.

But an increasing number of Australians are coming to the understanding that the presence and history of Indigenous people is a priceless pearl of wisdom in our modern life.

One of the great lessons I take from First Nations people's wisdom is the importance of patient waiting. They have waited thousands........

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