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Rainbow and values of diversity

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By Steven L. Shields

According to the Bible, a great flood in ancient times inundated the earth, killing everything in its wake. That is all except for Noah, his family and an extensive collection of animals on a giant barge. We don't know how many creatures there were, for some Bible accounts say two of every kind; other accounts note there were seven. When the waters receded, the writers of the Bible stories tell us that a rainbow appeared in the sky as a sign from God that there would never again be a flood of such magnitude.

Although I've seen rainbows in the sky after a rainstorm, they aren't common. The light, the angle of the sun, and the water droplets need to be "just so" for a rainbow to appear. Yet, in everyday life, we see the rainbow of the Grand Creation everywhere. From the many kinds of flowers and trees to animals and sea creatures to the many people that walk our cities' streets.

Such variety is found in the hues of human flesh, language, cultures, and so many other facets of life. That's one reason the LGBTQIA chose a multi-colored, striped flag as a symbol to represent the many ways the human creation identifies and understands life and love, gender and sexuality. Such a flag represents the entire spectrum of humankind, for our differences are beautiful.

A few weeks ago, Queer Culture Festival participants celebrated at Seoul City Hall Plaza. City Hall Plaza, in the heart of the old city, is........

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