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Middle East: treachery and betrayal

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By Gwynne Dyer

Things have gotten so complicated in the Middle East that the players are no longer just stabbing each other in the back. They are stabbing each other in the chest, in the groin, behind the left ear ― anywhere that comes to hand. Friends and allies one day are targets and enemies the next.

Item One: Israel is not just bombing Iranian troops and allies in Syria, which it has been doing on an almost weekly basis for years. It is now also bombing pro-Iranian groups in Iraq, a country that is a (reluctant) ally of the United States.

The bombings began last month, hitting the camps of Iraqi Shia militias that were getting U.S. air support only two years ago when they were driving the Islamic State jihadis out of Iraq. Most Iraqis are Shias, but Israel thinks these ones, the Badr Corps and Kataeb Hezbollah, are too close to Shia Iran.

There are still U.S. forces in Iraq, but the U.S. ignores the Israeli attacks, and the Iraqi government has to ignore them too. Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has to please both the Americans and his Iranian neighbors, who as fellow Shias benefit from strong popular sympathy in Iraq. His task is impossible, but he........

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