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The aikido of politics after the death of George Floyd

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Protesters march on the Brooklyn Bridge after a rally in Cadman Plaza Park, Thursday, June 4, 2020, in New York. AP
By Emanuel Pastreich

The political, social and economic landscape we face in the United States is transforming at a terrifying speed. Small groups have monopolized resources, assets and knowledge and they have left the vast majority to suffer in ignorance the catastrophic consequences of criminal mismanagement.

The super-rich stole between five and ten trillion dollars from you over the last four months, in addition to what they had looted before then. And just when we are starting to pull ourselves together to confront the criminal regime of Wall Street, we were confronted with the brutal murder of George Floyd, slowly tortured to death and those images were spread across the country.

Such brutal killings by police happen every day. Increasingly, honest police are forced to quit the force. But this incident was practically created for television and broadcast so as to foment massive domestic conflict that will benefit the wealthy, who are terrified that working people might come together in response to their looting of the nation, and of the planet.

The murder of George Floyd is the confluence of two horrific subterranean rivers that flow beneath the surface of the U.S. One is the river of hatred and contempt for those who are classified as alien, as inferior, on the basis of skin color, or the habits they have learned from their parents. This river of hatred has been exploited for hundreds of years to distract from economic exploitation. The Fusionist Party of the 1890s brought together black and white to fight for social justice. They were brutally suppressed, and segregation was the result, a scheme in which pathetic privileges were given to poor whites and a mindless racism was encouraged as part of a divide-and-conquer strategy.

The other terrible subterranean river is that of destruction for profit, the controlled demolition of the U.S. economy. There is a faction among the rich and powerful that sees opportunity for profit in the unspeakable act of tearing the U.S. apart. They want us to fight each other, and to be so divided that we are incapable of coming together to demand a righteous, equitable and transparent society.

Those dark forces have spent enormous sums of money to create rifts and to pit one poor man against another.

It is impossible to have a conversation on issues like climate change and vaccinations, about the role of government and of the military, about the power of banks and multinational corporations. Different parts of the population have been fed narratives that are so divergent as to make it difficult to agree on what is true and what is false. And too many of the establishment have signed a blasphemous contract with the devil to be silent about the massive lies in order to be allowed to become famous and to live a comfortable life.

The intentional confusion created by the media and by authorities around COVID 19 has exacerbated this trend. The murder of George Floyd is the final stage of this plan. Citizens of the U.S. are confronted with a baited gambit, an impossible choice. Choice A: question the COVID 19 narrative, the plan for vaccinations and be forced into alignment with isolationist and racist militias. Choice B: denounce brutal racism in the government and the systematic efforts of the Trump administration to encourage racist acts and find yourself aligned with Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and a panoply of "think left, live right" closet globalists.

Who forced this choice on us? That is my question for you.

I condemn this brutal murder and demand justice. But I appeal to your native wisdom, your innate ability to rise to the occasion, just as Robert Kennedy did when he spoke on the night of Martin Luther King's assassination. Please, please, please! Do not be drawn into this trap set for you by the rich and the powerful.

We must start by facing honestly the advanced moral decay in the fabric of our nation.

Many poor people have been deprived of educations and have been misled by powerful forces to blame the other (whether it is the black, the Asian, or the rural white worker) rather than thinking strategically about how we can all come together to fight against these dark forces.

Most people I know have given up on trying to build bridges. The threat of violence from the White House is a clear sign that the age of bridge-building is dead.

And as violence is encouraged in the streets, the current political "COVID 19" crisis encourages people to stay at home, to interact only with those of similar minds. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are promoted by the people who are supposedly our moral leaders as an appropriate way to organize. But that social media, and the news that we read, is intentionally designed to make our thinking shallow, to render us foolish. Until we start making our own news, start organizing our own social media, we will be played for fools.

If we cannot create a positive trend in the U.S. that gives hope for progress to the people, if all that the people can see is collapse and conflict, then........

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