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On China's rise

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By Deauwand Myers

I rarely comment on other writers' columns in The Korea Times. In fact, I have only done it once in the near decade of writing as a featured columnist at the paper. As before, I am aghast at the immorality of this particular column, and I felt duty-bound to rebut it.

Professor Keyu Jin, of the prestigious London School of Economics, penned an opinion piece titled "China's 70 years of progress." (Her piece, provided by the Project Syndicate, was published in the Oct. 3 edition of The Korea Times.)

There's almost too much for me to contend with in this article, but I will try my best.

Jin writes, "The first 30 years of rule by the Communist Party of China (CPC) are judged harshly, owing to the disastrous Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution." It should be judged harshly, as more people died from starvation and proscription during this period in China than in the Holocaust.

What professor Jin employs in her article more than anything else is the sin of omission. Not once, in an article about the economic and geopolitical rise of China, does she discuss human rights violations of the CPC, not least of which was the massacre at Tiananmen Square, in which thousands of democratic protestors were slaughtered in plain view for the world to........

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