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Mullane: Blame the school lunch crunch on do-gooder state lawmakers

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“Lunch shaming exists because you got the cheese sandwich. We all know what the cheese sandwich means,” said Philadelphia state Rep. Donna Bullock, a Democrat.

It would be easy to call parents stiffing school districts on their kids’ lunches a bunch of deadbeats.

Easy, but untrue. At least when you know what has really caused the spike in unpaid school lunches that afflict nearly every local district, some facing unpaid debt north of $100K.

That’s a lot of tater tots.

Bristol Township, for instance, has $130,000 in unpaid lunch debt, according to a report we recently published.

Now, some parents have always fallen behind on school lunch bills. Replenishing a kid’s school lunch account online is an item, generally speaking, of low priority, like checking the oil in the family heap, or re-upping your subscription to the Reader’s Digest. You’ll get around to it, if you remember.

Until 2017, school districts had effective policies to deal with this problem. Commonly, a lunch lady told a kid that his account was running low, so make sure mom or dad to put more money in before........

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