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Kashmir Is India’s Palestine, Palestine Is “Israel’s” Kashmir

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Andrew Korybko |

India’s revocation of Kashmir’s relative “autonomy” embodies everything that its new “Israeli” ally wishes it could do to Palestine such as eliminating its separate political status and giving non-residents of the UNSC-recognized disputed territory the right to buy property there as part of its long-term plan to wage demographic warfare against the locals, yet few around the world seem to care even though the global activist community would be in an uproar if the self-professed “Jewish State” even talked about doing what the Hindu extremist-led one just did in real life.

The Only Real Difference Between India & “Israel”

Similar Conflicts, But Double Standards

Worse still, while “Israel’s” knee-jerk reaction of smearing all criticism of it as “anti-Semitic” hasn’t succeeded in getting many activists to self-censor, India’s variation of this exact same technique has been much more successful in getting people to shut up out of fear of being labeled “Hinduphobic”. Accordingly, more people consider the Kashmiris to be “terrorists” like the state’s narrative alleges than they think the same about the Palestinians, which is problematic to say the least because both Muslim minorities are in the exact same situation vis-a-vis their occupiers and in the eyes of international law. Well, they were in the same situation, up until Monday when India took the dramatic step of unilaterally revising the Kashmiris’ political status.

Home Minister Amit Shah, who also serves as president........

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