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MacKenzie Scott: more money than she can count and glad to give it away

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In among the scenic walks, dog/baby/baby-dog pics, black-and-white selfies and explanations as to what black-and-white selfies were originally for, I recently saw a post being shared to Instagram again and again.

Created by a user called @emilyisliving, it explained, in simple terms and aesthetically pleasing fonts, why billionaires shouldn’t exist. The concept is far from a new one – my Bible studies are rusty, but I seem to recall something about Jesus chucking the e-commerce magnates out of the temple and that bit about a camel being more likely to pass through the eye of a needle than a social media tycoon is to get into heaven – but this post pressed the idea that being a billionaire is fundamentally incomprehensible, because the numbers are too massive for our tiny human brains to have any perspective on.

I have always wondered how you might spend a fortune. It’s a common daydream. As a child, I was dazzled by the notion that people could have a million pounds, because it seemed so ridiculous; now it’s a punchline for a joke about how much a pint costs in London.

These days, I find the idea of being a billionaire as baffling as it deserves to be. As I base most of my knowledge of extreme wealth on Succession, being a billionaire looks as appealing as an impromptu game of baseball with the Roys.

With impeccable timing, as her ex-husband, Jeff, prepared to defend the dominance of Amazon during last week’s congressional hearing, MacKenzie Scott, formerly Bezos, announced........

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