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It’s far easier to be hoodwinked if you really think they’re out to get you

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Do they think I’m a fool? Do they take me for a total bloody idiot? They fix the game. They take the piss. They laugh at me behind my back, despise me, ignore me and then try to order me around.

Who’s telling me that? Everyone is telling me that. Jeremy Corbyn says: “The people who run Britain have been taking our country for a ride. They’ve stitched up our political system to protect the powerful… they’ve rigged the rules to suit themselves.” And they expect me to do what, obey them? Accept their rigged, fixed, stitched-up system and be grateful?

Why? They don’t listen to me. They don’t listen to anyone. A “Remainer” parliament is conspiring against the people, says the Brexit right. MPs are “dangerous vultures” doing everything to “demonise the Leave campaign and get the media to portray patriotic voters as hoodwinked imbeciles”. Others may be fooled but I see through them. I know who is really in control. On the far left, it’s the Jews who are “part of a conspiracy to undermine” Corbyn, “the most honest man in politics today”. On the far right, it’s Muslims and their cronies. It says here in a petition signed by 600,000 people, that the establishment ordered “Tommy Robinson to be arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs… [and] informing the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah”.

Don’ tell me I’ve got it wrong. Don’t tell me I can’t get a promotion because I’m not good enough, that Brexit isn’t working because Leavers promised the impossible, that the Rothschilds don’t control the world, that the PC elite don’t despise working-class........

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