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The self-abasement of Johnson’s shameless gofers will not be forgotten

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Who is the worst minor character in the Borisverse? We have to ask, what with the big man himself only allowed out on an electronic tag for around six minutes’ talking time on the BBC Tory leadership debate. Collectors of vignettes displaying Johnson’s contempt for the public will have enjoyed the spectacle of a takeaway being delivered to his house while the other candidates debated on Channel 4. Encouraging to see him building on his friend David Cameron’s legacy: trotters up even before you’ve screwed the country, instead of only after.

The only other sightings of Johnson saw him accompanied by various childminders to vote for himself in a series of progressively apocalypse-beckoning votes in Westminster this week. Eventually, of course, Johnson himself will come for us all. He’s really the Tories’ Papa Lazarou, with his grotesque circus, his free-form gibberish, his expanding collection of wedding rings. And the rest. AND THE REST.

For now, though, he is represented by a praetorian guard of beta proxies, who make the rounds of the news programmes for him, interpreting what they think their overlord stands for on questions such as Brexit practicalities, and why you wouldn’t play a meaningful part in your own child’s upbringing. Hey – it’s a living. But is it a life?

Maybe this is what you get into politics for. On the other hand, is there a less self-respecting role in public life than being the guy who goes on the radio to flounder about some other guy’s inability to wear a condom? This is effectively the situation in which hopelessly........

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