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Like it or not, ‘Generation Snowflake’ has got a raw deal

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The idea of generational conflict has come to prominence in the last few years, but few seem to agree on its shape and causes. Public discussion of young people, for instance, is so contradictory that they can appear to the casual viewer like a kind of Schrödinger generation; simultaneously both Generation Snowflake, the most over-entitled and coddled generation in history, and Generation Screwed, the most disadvantaged age cohort in modern times. Advocates for the latter can point to trends such as the collapse in home ownership among the under-35s. Proponents of the former argue that young people can’t afford a house because they are irresponsible and frivolous, spending their money on avocado toast rather than saving for a deposit.

A new report from the Resolution Foundation, described as an intergenerational audit, has provided the necessary data to decide which narrative is true. The findings are conclusive. The incomes of young people have been severely constrained, while housing costs have risen steeply compared with previous generations at a similar stage of life.

The report also finds that, far from being spendthrifts, people under 30 are spending less on non-housing consumption than the same age group in 2001. Indeed, out of that reduced sum they are spending more than their predecessors on essentials and less on luxuries. Yet, despite this irrefutable debunking, the Generation Snowflake........

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