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Stop Letting Trump Live Rent-Free In Your Head

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There are some perks to the pandemic. Families can spend more time together. The kids are getting along better, except when they’re viciously fighting because they’re spending more time together. People can sleep a little later in the morning since there’s no commute. Social distancing is causing us to generally be more polite when we do venture out.

Social distancing hasn’t saved me, though, and it’s about to make me less polite, because I’ve been infected. I haven’t been infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, but something else altogether. I’ve come down with Trump Derangement Syndrome Derangement Syndrome (TDSDS).

Donald Trump isn’t the first president to generate derangement syndrome. The phrase, coined by Charles Krauthammer in 2003, originally applied to George W. Bush, as in Bush Derangement Syndrome. Krauthammer’s definition read, “The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency ‒ nay ‒ the very existence of George W. Bush.”

In short, there was no room for any nuanced discussion. Bush—or Bushitler as he was sometimes called—was an existential threat to the universe, one who caused otherwise rational or semi-rational people to become raging loons when discussing him.

Of course, there was also Obama Derangement Syndrome. People on both sides of politics experience this, although there wasn’t much ODS echoed in the mainstream media. It was more relegated to the internet.

Then Trump had the temerity to get elected and, woo boy, is the collective agitation back with a vengeance. Just attempting to debate the truth or merits of anything Trump makes one feel as though he’s doing a live-action recreation of this “satirical” video.

And I just can’t take it any more. I know you didn’t vote for the guy in 2016 and won’t be voting for him in November. I know you don’t like the man. I know you loathe everything about........

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