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New Research Suggests Fluoride In Drinking Water Can Reduce Unborn Babies’ Later IQ

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On Monday, JAMA Pediatrics published a new research article on the potential effects on infant development of fluoride in our drinking water. In the decades-long controversial debate about whether fluoride is good or bad for human health, this research concluded that fluoride consumed by woman during pregnancy can decrease the intelligence (IQ scores) of their babies.

But before parents get too worked up about the results of this one study, there is a lot to know about fluoride and its essential, but scandalous role in public health — particularly in the United States, Canada, and Europe, where it is intentionally placed in public drinking water.

Fluoride was first introduced into the American water supply in 1945, when Michigan instructed municipal workers to dump powdered sodium fluoride into the waterworks tanks. From that moment on, one of the greatest public health experiments ever undertaken began in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

At that time, trust in the federal government was high, with children and adults alike volunteering for dental appointments the year leading up to the experiment. The goal was to help prove the cavity-fighting power of fluoride once it was introduced. And it worked. U.S. Public Health Services researchers found significant decreases in tooth decay among children within just a few years of this practice’s inception. Thus, by 1960, 41 million Americans were drinking fluoridated water.

Despite the rapid buy-in and medical consensus, very few people actually knew........

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