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When I Was A Kid, It Was Nothing For Boys To Play With Girl Toys. Now, It’s Life-Threatening

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Take a moment to reflect back on your life. What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Military service? Excessive alcohol consumption? Sky diving?

When I look back, I see I made a decision that, had it been made today, may have utterly destroyed me: As a toddler, I was fascinated by light-up toys. So, in a local Toys R Us, I, a male child, asked my mother to buy me a pink dollhouse specifically because it lit up.

My mother thought nothing of it. She bought the toy, and I played with it, alongside my GI Joes, Big Wheel, and all the other beloved playthings of the era. As it should have been, that was the end of it. No one was concerned that I wanted a toy decorated for girls, and I played with it without a second thought until new toys caught my interest. Fortunately, I was raised by rational parents in a somewhat rational time, and emerged into adulthood unscathed.

Unfortunately, we now live in an increasingly irrational time among irrational people, and I increasingly wonder what may have happened were I a toddler today. What if my parents had assumed that because I wanted a dollhouse I must be suffering from gender dysphoria? Would they have repeatedly asked an impressionable, confused toddler whether I was a boy or girl?

Maybe I would have mentioned my toy to a teacher. Would the school have pushed a different gender identity on me, without parental consent? At that point, could a court remove me from my parents’ custody to ensure that I could undergo medical mutilation? I can imagine what would follow: puberty blockers, chemical castration, and perhaps even mental health problems and higher mortality risks ... all starting with an innocent request for a toy.

I initially thought this hypothesis........

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