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If He’s Elected, Biden Will Keep The Pandemic Going To Use Its Power

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A comforting belief has found purchase among members of the right who’ve been demoralized by months of lockdown restrictions.

“Here’s a prediction for the November election,” Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson wrote in these pages recently. “If Joe Biden wins, the coronavirus pandemic will all but disappear overnight.”

As Davidson argues, “Keeping the country locked down in the name of the pandemic is a way for [Democratic mayors and governors] to hurt Trump, which is the only thing they really care about. Once he’s gone, the rationale for lockdowns, mask mandates, and doom and gloom rhetoric is gone, too.”

As tempting as it is to believe there’s a consolation prize for a Biden-Harris win, this argument ignores one of the key truisms of politics: Politicians seek power, and leftist ones especially. The pandemic response has handed Democrats a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow dependence on government, thereby establishing permanent entitlements and buying votes; pass pork-barrel spending for special interests under cover of pandemic relief; and leverage reopenings of businesses, churches, and schools to check more things off their hard-left wishlist, from killing the economy to address climate change to defunding the police.

What leftist would want to put the brakes on this bullet train to woke nanny-statism? Even if Biden is mostly using the pandemic to drag Trump, other parties at all levels of government have vested interests in continuing to stifle American life.

Consider the interests of Democrats in Congress. The first round of stimulus, including the CARES Act, was nearly $4 trillion, including direct payments to Americans that essentially constituted a $15 minimum wage for the unemployed. If Democrats can hold onto this crisis a little longer and win back the Senate, they might be able to swing this into permanently enhanced unemployment benefits or even........

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