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5 Ways The Left Steals Childhood

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The sweet little face of seven-year-old James Younger headlined countless articles recently as his father fought in court to keep the boy’s mother from starting the dangerous medical process of “gender transition.”

James has been happy as himself, as a boy, as the father and friends of the family confirm. A long-time friend of the Younger family, Sarah Scott, attested, “James is blissfully happy as a boy. He loves to march around outside and yell, ‘we are the only boy scout troop’ or ‘I’m the Leader of the wolf pack!’… He loves dressing as a super hero and sword fighting.”

Those are the childhood memories he deserves. But James’ case is not unique; legal battles are being waged all over the country as children are subjected to psychological abuse by parents who want to raise them as if they were the opposite sex.

Margot Cleveland has outlined some of those cases—one in which a four-year-old boy had been cross-dressed for two years by his psychologist mother, and others in which young teen girls attempt transgenderism amid their parents’ divorce. Those cases resulted in the judges and guardians yanking the right to medical consent or custody from the dissenting parents.

Even James’ brother Jude is missing out on childhood because he is ordered to remain in a dysfunctional and abusive situation. Scott claims Jude is “withdrawn and quiet after prolonged time” at his mother’s house, and that he worries about his prized possessions going missing there.

This is the dangerous, confusing, volatile world children now inhabit, and the radical left is largely to blame for it. The abuses of children like James and his brother Jude are by far the worst damage progressive ideology has done to (born) children. But as our short attention spans turn again to the welfare of children, the extent to which leftist ideas and policies have undermined the childhood most of us remember and value should come into focus.

While in James’ case, the battle is very much on ideological grounds, James and Jude are not the only children who’ve had their childhoods blown to bits by divorce and custody battles. Many of those cases cannot be traced directly back to leftist ideas. The left has, however, siphoned off the innocence, security, and joy of childhood in a variety of other ways, from generating confusion over sexuality and hysteria over gun violence and climate change, to destabilizing family policy, to cancel culture. Here are five examples of the left’s war on........

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