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How populism sunk the UK

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The writer is a lawyer and can be reached on Twitter @shahzaibkhan901

“You will decide and whatever your decision I will do my best to deliver it.”

2016: David Cameron announces that he will deliver his promise of holding a referendum on the UK’s status in the EU.

“I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.” David Cameron announces his resignation as the rest of the UK lashes out at London and calls for an exit from the EU.

January 2019: Theresa May’s government suffers an unprecedented crushing defeat in the British House of Commons as her own MPs turn on her to burn down with a flamethrower, the house of cards she calls a Brexit Deal. David Cameron is on a surfing vacation in Costa Rica.

“Somewhere in a yoga retreat in the Maldives our former prime minister David Cameron is sitting, closed eyes, in lotus pose and repeating the mantra ‘the referendum was absolutely the right thing to do’ until he almost believes it,” reads one tweet.

“Was the referendum absolutely the right thing to do?” David Cameron thinks to himself as Great Britain turns into not-so-great-anymore Britain and quickly into I’m-moving-my-bank-to-Frankfurt-thank-you-very-much Britain.

Was it right to give in to a populist demand simply because it was populist? Should there be no limits to populism; morality, integrity, pragmatism, law, necessity perhaps? Or should populism remain unchecked, the wishes of the people........

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