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PATEL: Understanding The Danger America Faces From The Radical Spending Bill Democrats Want To Jam Through

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It’s hard to overstate how bonkers the American left has gone. If conservatives weren’t in such a state of disarray, they would be dominating American politics like never before.

President Joe Biden and leading Democrats somehow convinced themselves the 2020 election was a call to fundamentally transform America into a socialist country. They decided countries don’t need borders. They decided police and other law enforcement don’t deserve the backing of elected politicians. They decided the way to overcome racism is by literally dividing people by race. They have implemented policies to deter American energy production and thereby added to an energy price spike. They have implemented policies that take away incentives to work and thereby contributed to a labor shortage. They have even ignored advice from military leaders resulting in the U.S. government abandoning American citizens in a terrorist state.

Luckily for anyone who cares about the country’s future, this insanity is still a hard sell to regular Americans. The president’s tanking poll numbers confirm America’s hesitation to buy what the administration is selling. The left is not deterred, though. As has been true throughout history, hardcore left-wing ideologues are comfortable overcoming public resistance if need be. They are positive they know the best way ahead. Anyone who gets in the way is evil and must be crushed.

We are seeing this play out today in the debate over the multitrillion-dollar “transform America” legislation the Democrats are trying to jam through Congress. The so-called Build Back Better legislation aims to cement a hard lurch left for America. America has never been a socialist country; this legislation aims to change that. Thankfully, even with Republican ineptness nearing peak form, the legislation seems stalled for a moment. This stall has resulted in a political tantrum on the left.

The focus of the left’s anger has been........

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