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Suddenly, Biden Is Making All the Right Moves on Immigration

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After many early stumbles, the Biden Administration seems finally to have found its footing in dealing with immigration. To be honest, it still loses its way now and then—usually when it follows, preserves or defends some remnant of former President Trump’s atrocious immigration policies. But, lately, it appears to be headed in the right direction. The question is whether the Biden administration can stay on course over the next year against what is likely to be a stiff political wind blowing in from the right—just in time for the 2022 midterm elections.

It’s no secret that Republicans in Congress have decided that their best shot at regaining control is to portray Democrats as pushing “open borders,” the same framing that helped elect Trump The way the GOP sees the immigration issue—which is to say oversimplified, inaccurate and often through racist-colored glasses—Democrats are solely responsible for a chaotic border crisis where thousands of desperate migrants, most of them from Central America, have lined up at the U.S.-Mexico border to plead for refugee status.

As someone who has covered the immigration debate for 30 years and lobbed plenty of rhetorical hand grenades at both parties, trust me when I say: That’s bullshit. These would-be refugees are all headed somewhere, to connect with some cousin, brother, or aunt who is already in the United States working their tail off doing jobs that Americans won’t do. The employers of those workers are allowed to go on their merry way because they have people who defend and empower them. Those people are called Republicans.

The problem is, Democrats are afraid to say that whenever they’re attacked by the GOP for allegedly being soft on illegal immigration. They’re too busy running scared. Democrats don’t want to be branded the “open border party” or the “amnesty party.” They’re terrified of being tagged as soft on........

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