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The Baffling Mystery of the Lost Girls of Panama Unravels

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AMSTERDAM—On a sunny day, the first of April 2014, two 20-something girls went for a hike in the Panamanian jungle, and were never seen again. Their names were Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, and their sad story struck a chord with people around the globe.

After their disappearance, the good weather vanished as quickly as the girls had. It no longer seemed to matter how many people or organizations were drummed up, or how extensive the searches were. The girls were lost, and would remain lost.

There is something about this tragic tale that haunts people to this day, and speculation about what really happened to the vanished girls never ended. Now, Dutch authors Marja West and Jürgen Snoeren claim that in their new book Lost in The Jungle, the mystery is finally resolved.

“It was 2016 and I was sitting on my veranda during a thunderstorm, in the pouring rain, at night. I was reading the coverage of the story of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers by The Daily Beast, in fact,” West told The Daily Beast. “The story totally fascinated me, I was thinking, ‘How would you feel as a girl in that situation?’ Deep into the woods, it’s wet, you are hungry, lost. You can’t reach your parents, you’re waiting for help that will not come. When does the hope stop? You are so young, on this beautiful adventure, an exciting holiday. Afterwards you will start your studies, your room, your study, everything is pre-arranged. And then the moment arrives, the pivotal moment you begin to accept that you will die there in the middle of the jungle. I found that so intensely sad. That’s what grabbed me.”

A few months after their disappearance, a backpack containing their phones, camera, money and some clothes washed up on the banks of the Culebra river.

On the camera, scores of photos were found, including a dark series of pictures shot at night. Panamanian authorities hoped it would shed some light on what had happened, maybe even trace back to the girls. But time was scarce and expectations were overshadowed by the near impossibility for anyone, even experienced........

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