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‘Just Kill Her ASAP’: Jealous College Student Accused of Wild Plot to Murder Her Lover’s Wife

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A dark-web cybercriminal who advertised hitmen for hire was so spooked by a request from a young Washington state woman—who wanted her married lover’s wife dead—that he gave her up to the feds.

That’s according to an FBI search warrant affidavit unsealed this week, which details a surreal plot originating with a chance encounter at an event hosted by Landmark, a self-help organization with roots in the 1970s which has been labeled as a sort of “cult-lite” by some. The case centers on a philandering husband and his jealous lover, who planned on using her college money to have the man’s wife murdered.

Far from being disturbed by the revelation, when the man—identified in court filings only as “J.M.”—found out about the plot against his wife, he “saw the behavior as a sign of her dedication and affection for him,” according to the affidavit.

The unsealed warrant—which The Daily Beast has redacted to withhold the suspect’s name as she has not yet been formally charged—targets email addresses which the young lover used to register a Facebook account and communicate with J.M., and contact financial institutions and a cashier at her community college. A source with firsthand knowledge of the case said the investigation has been delayed due to COVID-19, but said it is still ongoing.

The alleged plot to have J.M.’s wife killed first came to the FBI’s attention on Feb. 12, 2020, when the bureau’s National Threat Operations Center received an anonymous tip from a ProtonMail account via an IP address associated with a VPN in Phoenix, Arizona. The tipster identified themselves as the administrator of a site on the dark web that offered contract killings for a fee. About a week earlier, a prospective customer transferred $5,000 in Bitcoin to the service to have a hit carried out in the Seattle area, the informant claimed.

“Just kill her ASAP. I don’t care how just make sure she’s dead. I’d prefer if you shoot her in the head,” the customer instructed, before adding that the victim worked for a corporation in Bellevue. She added: “I don’t know if that helps you in someway. She has a 3 years old son that she picks him up at 5 P.M. so she usually gets home around 5ish. Please don’t do anything to the boy. That’s all. Thanks[.] Send me a proof when the job’s done.”

The tipster told federal agents that their hitman website was actually only a Bitcoin scam, and that “no actual murders were committed” on behalf of anyone.

“I feel that all targets that have been paid for are in danger,” the con artist with a conscience wrote the FBI. “Customers that pay to kill someone show that they are serious about killing that person[.] I need to be in contact with you and to provide you with the target information, payments evidence, and other information to trace the customers. Customers don’t give their name or details and hide their IP, but still can be tracked.”

The site administrator sent a photo of the intended victim to agents, one of whom happened to recognize her as someone she had met before, the affidavit states. The next day, the FBI met with J.M.’s wife and informed her that somebody wanted her dead. It’s unclear how the FBI agent knew of J.M.’s wife previously.

When agents asked whether she knew of anyone who’d want her dead, J.M’s wife began........

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