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Discount Diva: Baby boomers, please, stop ripping into millennials

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A WKBW Radio ad from a Buffalo Bisons Hockey program, 1967. Every generation has a gap.

Baby boomers just love to blame iPhones and avocado toast for millennials' financial woes. It's time to wise up.

Hey, I love boomers. Some of my closest friends are boomers. But there are some boomers that deride teenagers for biting into Tide Pods on a dare, even though teens in the boomer generation hitchhiked, thought seat belts were stupid and drag raced to their deaths.

(Tide Pods were Generation Z anyway. Millennials have now grown into middle age.)

Listen, you've got to ease up on the Facebook insults. Millennials don't benefit from the same conditions that helped launch you to success at their age. Despite working longer hours, having more advanced skills and spending years in college, millennials are sicker, poorer and sadder than their boomer counterparts were at this point in their lives. And – sorry – boomers helped create this sad state of affairs.

Jobs. Boomers could drop out of high school, walk into a factory and get a job paying enough to support a family. Today's equivalent of those jobs are in service and retail, paying minimum wage and requiring at least a high school diploma.

Trust me, millennials would rather work in a machine shop than serve a drive-thru full of Karens. And remind me: Which generation shipped all those jobs off to China in the first place?

Employers now call a 34-hour work week "part-time" so........

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