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A Brexit tragedy is unfolding

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“Tragedies often make me laugh
Comedies make me weep
Give me the story that has no point
And puts its audience to sleep.”
From The Book of Ehl-e-Library Tr. by Bachchoo

Suppose, in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the Ides of March were not just one day of the Roman calendar but lasts from December to the 29th of March. The audience waits in suspense for the fatal blow, the “et tu Brut” moment. The likelihood is that they would be monumentally bored and that, gentle reader, is how the present political impasse and drama in the UK has left me and millions feeling.

There are now two focuses of suspense and boredom. The context of both is the botch of Brexit. The first is the conundrum of whether by the 29th of March 2019, the departure date set for leaving the EU, the UK will indeed leave or somehow vote to remain? If its leave, on what terms?

On Tuesday last week Prime Minister May put the terms she had negotiated with the European Union to the House of Commons. That vote was to be in December but Ms May postponed it to the 15th of January having had clear indications that it had as much chance of passing as the biblical camel through the eye of a needle.

By Tuesday the poor, dieting camel hadn’t got much thinner and the eye of that needle hadn’t expanded to accommodate it. Ms May’s proposed “deal” was put to Parliament and after five days of debate went down to, statistically, the........

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