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A suspiciously clean election

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Whew – we’ve elected our leaders for the next three years.

And, to be honest, I’m glad that’s over.

What a weird experience.

It started the day before Election Day – which is also an election day – in a pop up voting place, on a street with a name I can’t remember.

Feeling good about the day and the act I’m about to commit, I march boldly into the building to be met by a large bottle of hand sanitiser and a small person.

The expectation is clear.

The common good takes priority over personal preference.

Small, piercing eyes watch as I slather the gooey, fragrant concoction on my hands.

Then, I grab a pen. Too hasty, wrong bucket, dammit.

Why do you even need a used-pens bucket? I look again and inside is a motley collection of broken pens. Some look to have been chewed in half by a pitbull.

There’s hair and what looks to be a fingernail and a torn off piece of checked shirt. Oh my God!

You are very happy

But there’s no time to dwell. The voters behind are impatient to do their duty. Maybe I imagined it.

So I thoroughly slather again and grab a new pen from the appropriate container, avoiding the piercing eyes.

My hands are drunk and sticky from a........

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