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What not to say to an anti-vaxxer

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OPINION: How on earth do you talk to an anti-vaxxer?

There's a weird moment when someone you know tells you that they don't vaccinate their kids.

You'll be having a totally normal conversation about kitchen furniture or Jacinda Ardern or pickling autumn produce. You may even be starting to like them for their fruity enthusiasm and eye for natty throw rugs. You may even be wondering why don't you hang out more.

Then you'll make some throwaway comment about the current measles outbreak and anti-vaxxing stupidity, they'll look at you and, in a deadly quiet voice, say, "I don't vaccinate my kids".

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Ahhhhh. What now?

Well, I handled it very gracefully by snorting loudly and saying "Good one!" An icy second dripped by and I realised that they were serious. At that point I was feeling such a potent combination of awkwardness, disbelief and outrage that I literally couldn't think of a single word to say. I settled on a strange grunting noise and the other person walked off.

The whole thing wasn't just awkward, though; it........

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