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More feelings are on the horizon

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OPINION: So the Cricket World Cup is over. And the nation that writhed and squirmed on the sofa has collapsed back onto it with a gasp of deflation.

Post coitum omne animal triste est, wrote Galen of Pergamon, after coition every animal is sad. And with the cricket done, what is there now to look forward to? What is there to pull us out of post-orgasmic misery and colour the world again? For as we shade our eyes and scan the Ocean of Tomorrow we see only a dull and cricketless calm, the waves rolling in and fizzling to nothing on the beach, as ceaseless and pointless as the hours of the day or the drawing of breath, and in the gloom we wonder whether there is actually any point in…but wait! What is that forming on the horizon, with oiled and gleaming thigh, with gym-forged chest encased in skin-tight ads for beer and German sporting goods?

Oh yeah oh yeah, verily I say unto you, the All Blacks are coming again........

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