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OK "Ted Lasso" fans, time to have a conversation about our dear, wonderful Sam Obisanya

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When we're fully in the flush of a new, deep romance we tend to find little wrong with our lover. Each utterance is pure poetry. Every step glides on silk. Their attention is ambrosia, their style flawless.

But it's only a matter of time before a friend plays the well-meaning killjoy by asking questions like, what does this guy really want? Does he have any lifelong friends, and what are they like? Is there something in his past or present that may inform how he'll behave once the lust wears off?

What we're getting at here is, how much do we really know about Sam Obisanya?

In case you're sensing the urge to defend the honor of that other Perfect Boyfriend on "Ted Lasso"the one who isn't Roy Kent, but who Roy Kent respects enough to trust with his copy of "A Wrinkle in Time" – we're not trying to pick a fight here.

We love Sam. Honestly, we do. Look at most of the AFC Richmond football team: they're handsome, single and athletic. But they're also immature, unrefined, and as Jamie Tartt demonstrates, complete himbos.

Not our Sam. He quotes Rainer Maria Rilke, unironically claims "Ratatouille" as his favorite film and doesn't suffer from a chronic case of dumpster mouth. He's intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent, and he loves his parents – especially his father, whose loving support inspires Sam to maintain his integrity above all else. His earliest move in his second season arc was to reject a spokesperson opportunity with Dubai Airlines, Richmond's major financial sponsor, after his father shared that its parent company is destroying the environment in his homeland, Nigeria.

Sam led the team in a spur-of-the-moment protest, where the entire team played a game with tape placed over the Dubai Air logo on the their jerseys. His boss, Rebecca, could have had him fired. Instead, thanks to a technology-enabled courtship, the two end up in a fiery tryst she breaks off before it goes too far.

Rebecca lets him down ever so sweetly in the episode "No Weddings and a Funeral" when she whispers, "Sam . . . you're so kind and loving and wise. But . . . there's just this one issue that I can't get past." Here, the viewer is primed to predict their age gap is........

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