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Omega is the MVP of "The Bad Batch," a Star Wars clone who's destined to be different

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In the animated series "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" on Disney , there arrives a moment a Star Wars cosplayer might recognize. A girl takes a white-armored clone trooper doll, powders it all over in black (the signature shade of her guardians' armor) and declares, "Now she's a Bad Batcher."

It echoes the intimate moment when Rey in "The Force Awakens" plops an oversized Rebel Alliance helmet on to showcase her aspirations. It's a gesture that fans would find familiar: a little girl turning a typical male-template character and converting it into her own image with her own individual touches. And as in many cases in society, she has no other female template on which to model this image.

When "The Bad Batch" was announced for Disney , I noticed concerns that there was yet another Star Wars franchise show predominantly centering male characters since it starred established clone characters created from the male bounty hunter Jango Fett, first introduced in "Attack of the Clones." Once the previews came out and revealed Omega, the sole female clone, she was a game changer. Why a clone copy of Jango Fett happens to be female is not as relevant, however, as the relationship the show has built with her and her clone brothers. (Although her lived experience as an overlooked girl does help her uncover identity of an informant whom her brothers assumed was a "he.")

"The Bad Batch" serves as the spinoff successor to the "The Clone Wars" cartoon, set after the events of the Prequel Trilogy when the Jedi have fallen. "The Bad Batch" is notable for developing a period of transition that previously had been omitted from onscreen canon: how the Empire-ruled galactic order replaced clone soldiers with stormtroopers and the early days of the Empire's oppression across planetary systems. These changes send the titular "Bad Batch" Experimental Clone Force 99 fleeing from the Empire-controlled clone headquarters of the aquatic and stormy planet of Kamino for a fresh start.

The Bad Batchers, unlike the other Republic clone soldiers, each possesses a significant mutation that is manifested physically or through abilities. The leader Hunter senses electromagnetic fields, Wrecker is a muscular brute, Crosshair has handy enhanced sight for sniping, the nerdy Tech has heightened technical skills, and Echo (the only "non-mutant" recruited by the group) lives with a cybernetic body. They (sans Crosshair........

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