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The case for a national general strike protesting Trump's heartless shutdown

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It is hard to understate the utter disdain and contempt being shown by President Donald Trump toward the 800,000 federal workers whose lives he has upended with the government shutdown.

That 400,000 of them have to continue to work without pay, because they are deemed essential, reduces them to a form of serfdom which really amounts to a massive abuse of human rights.

According to the Washington Post their average salary is around $85,600 a year, but almost 111,000 of them make less than $50,000, with thousands of TSA agents making $30,000 a year.

The fact that 40 percent of them are veterans just adds to the injustice and indignity they’ve suffered at the hands of an out of control tyrant who came into office pledging to dismantle the federal government and is doing that with the help of industry players he’s placed in top positions to help him do it.

The corporate news media, PBS, NPR et al. are playing this as a two-dimensional political game starring an unhinged Trump and a newly invigorated Democratic Congress with the furloughed federal workers as just extras “who will get paid anyway.”

Make no mistake such a wholesale abuse of workers has a much broader implication for the entire nation where for decades capital (money) has been kicking labor’s ass as our grotesque income and wealth concentration so amply documents. There’s a direct connection to this unconscionable abuse of federal workers and everybody else who survives based on the wages they earn each day.

The government sets........

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