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Hold the victory lap Trump, the "strong economy" you're crowing about is dropping around your ankles

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A month and a half ago I warned in this space that the corporate news media’s obsession with nailing Trump for a conspiracy with Russia was setting themselves and the rest of the country up for his re-election. ​

I presaged the “no-collusion” end zone dance that Trump performed this past week once the Mueller Report was completed. There he was at that Michigan rally standing even taller with his orange Mussolini-like smirk of self-regard. “The collusion delusion is over,” he proclaimed.

In this kind of winner-take-all blood sport what does not knock you out makes you stronger, and so it is with Trump.

Pre-Mueller report completion, even as car loan delinquencies hit an all-time high and millions of Americans were on the lookout for the repo man, the news media was fixated on staking out Robert Mueller, counting on him to restore the integrity of the nation.

They were so heavily invested in getting Trump because they had not seen him coming in the first place. Their multi-million dollar polling and pre-election programing had missed the pulse of the nation. His victory had to have been the result of a massive criminal conspiracy​,​ not the consequence of their elitist blind spot for the collapse of the middle class and the abject failure of capitalism.

Reporters need to be skeptical of military and law enforcement sources both active and retired. That was not the case in the way the corporate news media covered the war in Iraq that was predicated on the phantom weapons of mass destruction. By employing former generals as commentators, cable news glamorized war and re-enforced the America as avenger storyline.

That’s kind of what happened with the Trump-Russia probe where you had an endless procession of former prosecutors and law enforcement officers as cable TV field guides who all had to buy in to the central narrative if they wanted to get booked again.

As someone who ​remembers​ the FBI’s subversion of our Republic, with their illegal ​targeting​ of Dr.Martin Luther King and so many other activists with their covert........

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