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Here's what Warren understands about the economy that the Democratic pack does not

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The pundit class is so heavily invested in Joe Biden’s bid they are doing their best to ignore the role that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s comments at her MSNBC Town Hall played in the former vice-president’s abrupt decision the next day to end his decades-long support of the Hyde Amendment.

For weeks now, as Warren has risen steadily in the polls, corporate media bleaters have been at a loss to explain her effectiveness. Perhaps the shell-shock from the bombast of Donald Trump interferes with their grasp of the persuasive power of her shaker rocker-like delivery that embodies the simplicity, utility and honesty of that style.

Since 1976 the Hyde provision, named for GOP Rep. Henry Hyde, has prevented generations of poor and working-class women from getting a Medicaid funded abortion. So, why after backing Hyde for decades did Biden flip?

At her Town Hall in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Warren, whose life story includes a struggle to balance motherhood and limited means to claim her potential, succinctly described the Hyde amendment for what it always was: brutal socio-economic discrimination that hit the poor and working-class women of color the hardest.

“And under the Hyde amendment, under every one of these efforts to try to chip away or to pushback or to get rid of Roe v. Wade, understand this — women of means will still have access to abortions,” she told the Town Hall broadcast on MSNBC. “Who won’t, will be poor women. It will be working women, it will be women who can’t afford to take off three days from work, [it] will be very young women . . . . We do not pass laws that take away that........

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