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A great wave is coming and pay equity for women will lift all boats

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In the current news media climate it’s easy to lose touch with the core economic issues that actually define Americans’ daily lives. When you type in “poll top ten issues for 2020” what Google produces is the latest on the candidates and ranking them on how much money they have raised.

They really fixate on the horserace because that’s their money maker and as huge corporations that thrive on the current status quo they prefer a personality contest that’s cheaper to produce and further inflates their profits. Even a cataclysm like climate change is lucky to break into the top five.

Questions They Don’t Ask

You rarely see pollsters include questions about how Americans feel about the enduring pay disparity between white men, white women, men of color and women of color for doing the same work.

If you are not a white guy and live every day of your working life with this disparity that you inherited from your parents your “legacy” is a pervasive economic injustice that you can trace back to America’s imperfect revolution.

When it comes to male pay the Pew Center found white men average $21 an hour while Black men get $15 and Hispanics $14.

When You Can’t Afford to Leave

When it comes to the home life, the vast gender-pay disparity casts a shadow over the choices millions of mothers have to make just to keep their kids fed and sheltered. It can mean enduring abusive and sometimes dangerous situations where they are putting up with an alcoholic or drug abusing spouse because he’s bringing home a paycheck they could never match.

In a capitalist society that values money above anything else, where the money goes defines who is in charge and who calls the shots. Women make-up nearly half of the workforce, outperform men in terms of academic achievement, yet according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research make 80.5 cents for every dollar made by a man.

For women of color and women with children the gap opens up to a canyon that seems almost impossible to........

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