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Hits from the recent past that could NEVER survive in today’s PC culture

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Today’s world of constantly moving goalposts for woke standards has introduced the phenomenon of putting art of the past under the microscope of today. This has led to classic literature being injected with blackface in the name of inclusivity and classic songs like ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ being redone for audience’s new sensitivities.

While the sights of the triggered have been set mostly on creations by folks long dead and buried, it’s only a matter of time before social justice warriors work their way up and land on pop culture that made its impact just before the world turned its attention to hashtags and cancel culture.

These songs from the late 1990s and early 2000s, for instance, could never survive in today’s ultra-sensitive atmosphere and it would not be a surprise to see any of the artists behind them put on today’s digital chopping block and forced to apologize and make amends.

Why Don’t You Get a Job (1998) by The Offspring: In a world where the stigma around government assistance has disappeared and politicians regularly find followings by offering just about everything for free, a song telling someone to find gainful employment and stop mooching off of someone else would likely be labeled hateful, alt-right trash.

In 1998 though, ‘Why Don’t You Get a Job’ was a catchy tune by The Offspring plugging into the frustrations of working class folks struggling to not only feed themselves, but someone else just looking........

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