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Atrocities by terrorists against Syrian children ignored by Western media covering conflict from comfort of offices elsewhere

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A recent report compiled by the US coalition’s primary anti-Assad “evidence” producers has condemned the alleged Syrian/Russian targeting of civilians in Idlib. In familiar fashion, the Guardian accepted the White Helmet version of events without any apparent fact-checking or verification. Claims by the notorious terrorist-linked group and its PR agency, Syria Campaign, that 304 children and 11 “rescue workers” had been killed since April 2019 went unchallenged by one of the foremost “humanitarian” war-promoting media outlets – one that has sustained and nourished the criminalization of the Syrian government and its allies since 2011.

In a war, all loss of life is to be mourned. The nine-year war that has ravaged Syria has been externally fomented and financed by belligerent states whose primary ambition is to topple the Syrian government and to return Syria to the dark ages under an Islamic extremist regime that would be compliant with the regional plans of the US alliance.

The Western media consistently omit this aspect of the war while they cry their crocodile tears over the senseless death of children subsisting under the tyranny of the “moderate rebels,” a ridiculous term that is used to conceal the fact that “Idlib is the largest Al-Qaeda safe haven since 9/11” – bought and paid for by members of the US coalition. Children caught in the crossfire of a legitimate Syrian military campaign to rid its territory........

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