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Nation that has hundreds of overseas military bases says China isn’t allowed one

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A week or so ago, the United States leaked accusations to the media that China was building a secret military facility in the United Arab Emirates, which they had put a stop to. How China managed to pursue what is described as a “multi-storey building” in a country that was not their own without being detected, beggars belief, yet the media reported it as fact anyway.

There has been a spree of similar stories of late, accusing Beijing of building undisclosed or ‘secret’ military facilities, including one in Cambodia and another in Equatorial Guinea.

The nation that has hundreds of overseas military bases worldwide believes that Beijing isn’t entitled to a single one. Besides that, and on the UAE matter, this adds to a broader pattern where Washington appears to be intent on undermining China’s relationship with the wealthy oil monarchy, which sits on a corner of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf.

It’s a state that has been an important ‘strategic partner’ of the US for many years, but nonetheless is increasingly warm towards Beijing, putting it in a tight position as the new cold war hots up. The Biden administration had previously leveraged a sale of F-35s to the country on the proviso that the UAE remove China’s Huawei from its 5G network, a demand which does not appear to have yet worked.

Why is the UAE so strategically important? Formerly a British protectorate which came into existence in the 1970s, the new state secured its political survival and prosperity through a ‘patron-client relationship’ with the West. In exchange for backing Western political objectives in the Middle East, as well as providing an abundant supply of oil, the US and its allies would provide political security for the small Emirati state against those adversarial towards it, such as Iran or Saddam........

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