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Its epic Afghan failure shows that America’s naive belief it can cure the world’s ills with democracy, dollars, and M16s is wrong

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As the United States hastily withdraws from Afghanistan, warning its citizens there to flee immediately, and washes its hands of the Central Asian country, the Taliban are running riot. In the space of weeks, the militant group has seized dozens of districts and at least 10 cities.

US officials have warned that the country could collapse entirely to them in a minimum of 90 days, or at least all bar Kabul. It is hard to argue against the claim that Afghanistan's government and military are collapsing already, with hundreds of high-profile defections to the Taliban, assassinations of senior leaders, and the sacking of the country's commander of the armed forces.

It is staggering to think that after 20 years, trillions of dollars spent, and eye-watering costs in human lives on all sides, this is the end product. Two decades of propping up this country has returned absolutely nothing but a 360-degree turn back to square one. It is the biggest and most colossal waste of time in history. But why has Afghanistan been such an astronomical American failure? One which has arguably been the biggest humiliation and representation of Washington's hubris since the Vietnam War, and it's not going to be long before a Saigon-like evacuation of the US embassy follows...

The answer is that the Afghanistan failure reveals the dogmatic zealousness and utopian nature of the US policy of trying to export its ideology as an answer to the world's problems, as well as its insecurities, and repeatedly using violence to........

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