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Wake up & smell the coffee! Starbucks CEO gets schooled in US politics 101

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Hell hath no fury like a two-party system scorned. Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, learned that lesson the hard way when he announced he was planning to run for the White House in 2020 as a "centrist independent." The Democrats responded by sending fire and brimstone raining down on his head.

The outpouring of social media discontent ran the gauntlet from 'Democrats boycott Starbucks' to the equally predictable, 'Schultz is a Putin puppet'. But the coffee mogul shouldn't take it so bad. Even had a resurrected George Washington strolled into Capitol Hill to save the Republic, he would have been branded a Russian agent and tossed out of town on his head.

As I was saying, @howardSchultz, running as independent will:
1) infuriate 30 million democrats who who immediately boycott @Starbucks
2) infuriate your workers (prolly 80% of who are liberals)
3) paint you as a political neophyte at best, and Putin puppet at worst. #ThinkHowardhttps://t.co/gCOd0mDx5a

In other words, the entire establishment rose to the occasion, inciting a mob reaction against the Frappuccino king. They employed the same tired logic that every political outsider must face when the Republican-Democrat grip on power is threatened. By gatecrashing the Beltway as an Independent, the argument goes, Schultz would siphon off Democratic voters, thereby allowing the incumbent Donald Trump to drive Liberals insane for another four long years (which just might be worth the price of admission, by the way).

I always order a tall flat white at @Starbucks. But, not for president. #HowardSchultz. https://t.co/kO1yFqTSnW

If history is any indication, the Democrats have some reason for concern. In 1992, for example, the billionaire industrialist Ross Perot entered the presidential race as an Independent against the incumbent George H.W. Bush and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. As reward for his millions of spent dollars, the businessman tapped into a deep wellspring of voter........

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