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Russiagate conspiracy theory is dead, but will US-Russia relations ever recover?

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The shot that should have been heard around the world on July 1 was quickly silenced lest the ‘awful truth’ about Russia ever see the light of day. Indeed, the fact that the US media failed to report on what should have been the Russian story of the month tells us everything we need to know about their intentions.

The muffled shot not heard around the world was nothing less than a US court ruling that laid to rest the story of a “Kremlin-connected troll farm” that was allegedly engaged in conducting information warfare against US voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election. As many people have been guessing for a long time, the entire story turned out to be a complete fabrication, a wild conspiracy theory. There was never a shred of evidence – despite countless stories in the liberal media proclaiming otherwise – that the Russian government sought to disrupt the US political system.

The court ruling is disastrous for the anti-Russia conspiracy theorists – many of whom are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party – who for three years desperately believed that Vladimir Putin was responsible for getting Donald Trump into the White House. After all, how else could such an adorable candidate like Hillary Rodham Clinton fail to win over the hearts and minds of voters (yes that was sarcasm)?

But that doesn’t mean the Republicans and the Russians should start popping the champagne. Just because........

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