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Robot sex & the city: An affair heading for disaster

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In hindsight, we shouldn’t be surprised by humans getting a rise out of robots. Hollywood has been pumping and priming us for the big nuptials between man and android for many decades now.

Consider, for example, James Cameron’s 1991 box office hit ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day.’ Aside from being the highest-grossing film of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, it was the first time in cinematic history when millions of theatergoers dropped salty tears on their popcorn over the demise of a robot. And, significantly, the death was premeditated. The android played by Schwarzenegger disobeyed direct orders by a human and ‘suicided’ itself rather than expose the world to more mayhem. How’s that for loyalty and devotion, the two key ingredients of any solid relationship?

Since then, the Western media has been indulging the public with story after story detailing the advances being made on the robot and artificial intelligence fronts. From incredibly adroit robot dogs that look like something from a Stephen King nightmare, to home robots designed to help in the kitchen, there doesn’t seem to be anything a robot cannot do. And let’s just try and forget that super-creepy moment when Sophia, a stunningly realistic robot featured at the 2016 SXSW convention, said with a coy smile that she would gladly “destroy all humans,” after some odd prompting by the interviewer.

Today, however, the robots have crossed the red line from being obedient gourmet chefs and dutiful maids to devoted sex partners, and, in some cases,........

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