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Midterm madness shows US media more divisive than the American people

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Ever since Donald Trump crashed the White House, the US media has dropped all pretensions of being a fair and impartial observer of the political scene. The gloves of objectiveness have come off and journalists now compete in the political ring as full combatants, as opposed to neutral ringside announcers reporting the action as it happens.

That much was proven on Monday, the day before midterms, when popular Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro appeared on stage with Trump at a political rally in the blood-red state of Missouri. This stunt unleashed the predictable howls of protest from sea to shining sea.

“By taking part in the rally, Mr. Hannity was crossing the line that had traditionally separated those in the news media… from the people they are supposed to cover,” The New York Times wailed. “Fox News entered new territory — a thicket in which it’s hard to tell where the network ends and the president begins.”

Sean Hannity says Democrats winning House is meaningless https://t.co/P3Da72welI#ElectionNightpic.twitter.com/Qz3BRS4H8x

Although it was surreal to see Hannity at a rally stumping for the Republicans (a move that Fox News said it did not condone, calling it an “unfortunate distraction”) it was not surprising given the guerrilla-style reporting that passes for journalism these days. The problem of media partisanship has affected both sides of the media trenches equally, and the fact that there are media trenches in the first place explains everything.

Even before Trump got elected, the mainstream media was priming its audiences to disavow the maverick from Manhattan. Did this have anything to with his promise to ‘drain the swamp’ known as........

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