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Russian to the wrong conclusions? UK ‘liberal-leftists’ dancing to the Browder/Clinton tune

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For a long while we were told that Jeremy Corbyn, the anti-war UK Labour leader, and his left-wing Director of Communications Seumas Milne, were ‘Kremlin stooges.’ Now it seems that the right-wing Tory leader Boris Johnson, his Special Adviser Dom Cummings, and the whole UK government are too. That’s how psychedelic Russophobia (November 2019 version) has become. The whole of our establishment is riddled with Kremlin agents! ‘Putin controls EVERYTHING.’

Is Dominic Cummings a Russian Spy? Hidden in plain sight. https://t.co/DgocZ1odwU

The trigger for the latest and most doolally outbreak yet of this virulent and highly contagious mental disease has been the UK government’s decision to delay the release of an Intelligence and Security Committee report into alleged Russian interference in British politics until after the December 12 general election.

There can only be one logical reason for this, the Russophobes cry: Johnson and company are in Putin‘s pockets! Yes, that’s right – the very same Boris Johnson who called on people to protest outside the Russian Embassy in London when he was foreign secretary (in breach of all diplomatic protocol), and who supported tough new sanctions on Russia. Who knew that all the time Johnson was taking draconian anti-Russian measures, he was secretly doing Moscow’s bidding? What a cunning actor the man is! His Christian name should perhaps have alerted us to where his real allegiances lie. After all, it is very Russian isn’t it? Boris, your cover-up is just not Godunov!

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When there are sinister conspiracies........

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