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The aliens are coming: Here’s what the movies tell us we should expect from the Pentagon’s UFO report

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On Friday, the Pentagon is scheduled to release its highly anticipated report on UFOs, or as the government now calls them, UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena.

Similar to Richard Dreyfuss in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, I’m a long-time, self-confessed, tin-foil hat-wearing UFO enthusiast/fanatic. As such, I’m delusionally hoping the recent government and media pivot to taking UFOs seriously will lead to some sort of ‘disclosure’, where the truth out there will finally be revealed.

Of course, my more rational side knows that any time you’re relying on the government or mainstream media for transparency or truth, you’re playing a fool’s game.

Regardless of what the new UFO report says, the possibilities of what’s going on in our skies and under our seas span from the mundanity of mistaken perception combined with malfunctioning equipment to the momentous notion of extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional visitors. Despite the alleged implausibility of it, my bet is on the latter, which means that aliens are indeed traversing our air space and ocean depths with technological aplomb and military impunity. So, it might be a good idea to figure out their intentions.

As a film critic, I thought the best way to prepare for contact with our elusive galactic visitors the Pentagon cannot confirm or deny exist was to turn to the movies as a guide, as our collective imagination has projected onto the silver screen and our culture a cavalcade of useful alien archetypes.

The benevolent aliens

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