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Obama’s ‘We the People’ Netflix series aims to teach kids about the promise of America… the promise he failed to keep

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On the Fourth of July, Barack and Michelle Obama gifted the American public ‘We the People’, their new Netflix series aimed at giving kids a fun and entertaining lesson in civics.

The series is a collection of ten short animated music videos featuring pop stars like H.E.R., Janelle Monae, Adam Lambert and Brandi Carlile, among others, singing about such topics as The Bill of Rights, Taxes, The Three Branches of Government, Immigration and more.

The series is obviously an attempt to update the classic ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ animated shorts from the 1970s that educated young Gen Xers on much the same topics with informative earworms like ‘I’m Just a Bill’.

The problem with ‘We the People,’ especially in comparison to ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’, is that the songs are a dismal collection of entirely forgettable numbers, and the animation is more high-end but much less effective.

With eye-rollingly banal lyrics like “little homie you better pay your taxes” from Cordae in episode three, ‘Taxes’, the entire series feels less like a useful educational tool for kids than a useful way for pop celebrities to signal their political virtue.

Speaking of signaling non-existent virtue, the fact that Barack Obama – the man, remember, who used the Espionage Act twice as much as all his predecessors combined in order to stifle the press during his presidency – has produced a series........

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