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Is TV too woke? Of course it is, but the problem is industry insiders insist it isn’t woke enough

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Is TV too woke? As someone who works with a lot of producers, writers, and directors who all privately tell me that if their TV project isn’t woke in conception and rigidly diverse in execution, then it won’t ever move forward, the answer is eye-rollingly obvious.

Unsurprisingly, the epidemic of wokeness is just as virulent across the pond in the UK TV world as it is in Hollywood and New York. Proof of this was evident at the Edinburgh TV Festival panel discussion of TV professionals unironically titled ‘Diversity of Thought: Is TV Too Woke?’

At the discussion, Ash Atalla, the producer of ‘The Office’ and ‘The IT Crowd’, admitted, “I’m in a lot of meetings now where people tell me, ‘This will never get on because it’s not woke enough.’”

The reality is that any sentient being with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a brain to think can tell you that TV is so awash in wokeness as to be hysterical.

Whether it be ideologically biased, identity-obsessed news coverage, or entertainment featuring the performative absurdity of a black ‘Anne Boleyn’, the obscenity of white male erasure in Marvel’s ‘What If…?’, or incessant LGBTQ cheerleading, the trend is clear: the woke revolution is most certainly being televised.

What’s interesting about TV’s woke affliction is that while it’s obvious to regular people, many industry insiders are either afraid to speak........

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