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Do we live in a computer simulation? New documentary A Glitch in the Matrix asks the question, but fails to give a serious answer

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In a spooky bit of synchronicity, in the same week the New York Times published an article where ‘experts’ called for a reality czar, a documentary was released that questions the nature of reality.

The documentary A Glitch in the Matrix, which is directed by Rodney Ascher and available on Video on Demand, examines simulation theory, which is the idea that our entire reality is an artificial computer simulation, sort of like a giant video game.

Simulation theory seems like a science fiction fever dream, and with a 1970s talk on the subject by esteemed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick providing the narrative structure for the documentary, and the film’s title being a line from the movie The Matrix, the documentary doesn’t disabuse viewers of that notion.

The question of our reality being an illusion is more substantial than sci-fi musings, though, as it has been pondered by philosophers through the ages. Plato’s ‘cave’ and Descartes’ ‘evil demon’ are two prime examples, and intelligent modern men like philosopher Nick Bostrom and entrepreneur Elon Musk are also proponents.

What makes a simulation theory discussion so timely is that our collective sense of an objective reality is currently so tenuous due to our culture’s continuous elevation of subjective experience in its place.

With mainstream media devolving into........

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