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By poking fun at Karens, gay people & the woke, comedian Bill Burr finally injected some much needed life into the dreadful SNL

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Bill Burr, a brilliant and curmudgeonly stand-up comedian who refuses to kowtow to the politically correct, went scorched earth in his SNL monologue on Saturday night by taking on cancel culture, self-serving white women and their performative woke posturing, and Gay Pride Month.

Burr’s monologue was apparently so incendiary the New York Times felt it needed a trigger warning, “Burr used his opening monologue to mock some sensitive topics – feel free to skip this section if you find that style of comedy distasteful.”

The monologue took flight when Burr ranted about people trying to cancel the long-dead John Wayne for an interview he gave in 1970, which was met with a confused smattering of applause. Apparently, the SNL audience, like New York Times readers, aren’t used to comedy that isn’t entirely PC, impotent and toothless.

Then things got really spicy. When speaking of the woke movement, Burr observed, “It should’ve been about people of color… somehow white women swung their Gucci-footed feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line.”

The studio audience met that insightful bit with cold silence, while the house band behind Burr were frozen in woke shock, never laughing, clapping or moving once throughout his monologue.

Not surprisingly, Karens on Twitter had a conniption in response, which of course just made Burr’s point for him. It was like the old joke,........

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